Monday, September 7, 2009

Vintage kimono - kd

As I looked over these collages I made from unfinished Moonshells, I thought about one of my prized possessions-- a1950's vintage silk kimono. It's the one object I own (as opposed to books or music) that's greatly influenced almost every aspect of my artistic sensibility.
I bought it over 10 years ago in a boutique in Dallas and have worn it only a few times. For a couple of years it was displayed on the wall, and since then it's been in a garment bag in my closet. But even when it's packed away, the kimono groove stays with me, haunting my imagination.
There's a slightly skewed sense of color, pattern and geometry that feels just a little off-center, an unbalanced sense of balance which I really get and which definitely comes through in my work.
Once I got started thinking about this, I had to find other kimonos to look at and have posted some I really like on my other blog:

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