Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What are moonshells? - kd

...............................As an artist I like to look around and see what I can do with found objects and materials, to try and disover new potential in the common and the everyday.
A year and a half ago I moved into a home filled with things left by various members of my family who have lived here over the years. Among the things stashed in closets and chests were lots of spools of cotton crochet twine which my mom used to make lace curtains. I really liked the pattern the twine makes wrapped on the spool, so one day I wrapped a bowl in a similar fashion. To get the string cast off the bowl I had to cut a lid in the top, and as a joke held it up to my ear as an earring thinking "that's an earring only Beyonce could wear. "
But some of my friends thought the idea had real potential so I began experimenting with different techniques to make something that would be viable as jewelry. Along the way I noticed that some of the raw, unvarnished pieces have a ghostly, lunar quality while others seem more like sand dollars or seashells. Some of them just look like they're from outer space -- ergo the name, Moonshells.

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